Saturday, December 5, 2009

My American Solider
I am so proud of my hunny
A devoted husband and dedicated solider
He is always there to lend a hand to his fellow comrades
Does his job to the fullest and goes beyond the call of duty
SPC Steven deGroot is the best asset the army owns !
My American Hero
Master in his trade
Youthful in his way
America's brave solider
Making our world a better place
Each and every day
Rightous he fights for our fredom
Each and every day
I wish only the best for him
Can he feel me by his side ?
Another battle to be shiped away
Never forgetting to try
Having the stegth to fight each day
Every moment closer to coming home
Realeved for the moment to dream
Opening the door to hold me again !
Army Soldiers
Almighty God they go to serve
riffles in hand to change the world
making it a better place to stay
yearning for the world to end some day
supported by families so far away
only wanting their safe return
left behind to keep them sane
driving their inner needs
I will always be by his side
every waking hour of every day
returning into my arms with tears
secretly crying and hiding my fears !
Eugenia deGroot 2009
Love you baby !

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